Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A bit of a "hike" up the mountains, today...

                      Just got done with my trip up the Andes and boy! are my legs tired. 

Actually, that's exactly how my wobbly legs are feeling.  Of course, it was not a hike that did it, but going up, and down, a ladder a million times while only getting a fraction of the way through decorating the tree.

The tree is hitting the ceiling, so I didn't have to get a tree-topper on it.  Just put some beaded picks around the top.

Today I only got the "filler" ornaments on.  The inside of the tree has 12" silver and gold metallic balls stuffed in around the trunk to fill open/empty spots.  The metallic balls also magnify the lights, making the tree seem to be lit from within.  There are white lights pre-hung on the tree.  I threaded 1 strand of fuchsia lights up the trunk to add some color depth.  My overall scheme is fuchsia and silver.  I do infill with many other colored balls that people have given us.  If I can move tomorrow, I'll finish the filler balls and start on the regular ornaments.

Steve continues on his board replacing work.  He's prepainting them so the work will go quicker.  The dog's nose is white again as she just can't keep away from the work.  She's looking like a walrus with her white whiskers, too. 
I'm hoping this goes quickly as I'll need some help getting the house ready for Thanksgiving visitors.  At last count 10 visitors are expected.  Woo! 

Having BBQ'd pork sammies tonight, courtesy of the ol' crock pot.  Thinking that if I can move, there'll also be coconut margaritas to go along with dinner.  
Some serious convalescing going to be happening after the Andes.


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