Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cold, rainy and winter on the way...

Have been working my rear off for the last 4 days and am almost to the end.... OK, the middle of my decorating.  I tell you, I now feel every year of my age especially when going up and down ladders, trekking to the garage for another box and practically falling over a puppy every time I turn around. 

I finally got past the puppy problem by putting a banquet table on its side across the opening between the living room and kitchen.  And, boy, do I hear about it.  She can see everything going on but she cries because she can't be under my feet. 

The tree is officially done and I've kept the dog from eating more than her share of the ornaments.  Ha!  Seriously, until the banquet table idea, I was constantly keeping her under surveillance.  She didn't try to eat the ornaments, just rolled them across the floor and chased them.  There'll be a lighted town underneath the tree soon, but making that chore a later one. 

I know the picture looks congested, but I have to get a lot of ornaments on.  After filling in the interior of the tree with filler balls, pressed glass ornaments went on the outer areas of each branch.  They are grouped for people, or places we've been.  There's a section for vacations, for the grand kids and parents and even for favorite foods of the boys and animals we've seen up here.

The garden has had to fend for itself while all this decorating gets done.  The weather has been cold again, with lots of wind.  Lots of rain, too.   The one hoop known for blowing away has met its match since the cement blocks were put on top of it.   It still is warm and moist under the hoops, so I'm thinking we may have fresh lettuce for Thanksgiving.   Anyway, was grateful to get the blog out tonight. Windy days sometimes mean no Internet service in the mountains, and that's what happened yesterday.

Ziva is just OK with the weather.  She'll run out for a while, but heads in when the wind blows.  She's been digging holes everywhere, so visitors have to be warned.  She's taken over the cat's bed, but doesn't fit in it.  She'll lay on top of the heat registers to toast herself.   I have a heater under my desk and she's curled up on top of my feet and enjoying the heat.  What a baby.

Now, this blog was never intended to be a cooking blog, but it does seem I let you all know what we're having on some nights.  Probably the whole world thinks of cozy foods on cold wintry days.  I'm no exception.  So, when Steve suggested chili I was all for it.  It bubbled away most of the day and only needed some corn bread to make the dinner perfect.  Brings back memories of my Mom making chili, stew or other hearty pots of goodness for dinner when it was cold and rainy.

Headed to bed now, if I can get Ziva off the feet and limp into bed. 
In some ways I feel like I did a lot today, even though in reality I probably didn't. 

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