Friday, November 8, 2013

Eggnog, the bane of my holidays...

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and I am already heading down that slippery slope of the diet rocketing off the expected trajectory.  OK, it's not like the diet doesn't ALWAYS rocket off track when the holidays arrive.  Sure, the eggnog carton looks sweet and delightful in the store.  Sure, the hubby always picks it up when shopping.  Sure he loves me, but, STOP.  I have no self-control when he brings it into the house.  If I walked in my sleep, I'd probably head to the refrigerator at midnight and drain the carton.  As it is, I pretty much do that when awake.

This week we headed back to the valley for the new car's 3rd radio.  This time, I learned not to leave the dealership until they prove to me that everything is working correctly.  It was. 

Anyway, we needed a few store items since we needed to eat for a few days in our house, which isn't ours any more.  Our youngest son believes it to be his.  Muwaa haa haa!  (Soon, young upstart, soon).  Here is where the eggnog reared it's ugly, (yummy) head.  Steve slipped it into the cart.  I tried to put it away when we arrived home.  But, it called to me.  LOUDLY!  So, I shut it up by drinking most of it. 
THERE! you creamy, lovely.... deadly concoction.

The valley was actually beautiful while we were there.  The days were cool which is such a difference from our last few trips.  The 80's made me feel a little nostalgic, but just a little.  Still love living in the mountains better.

I had watered the garden before we left and bedded her down under her plastic greenhouses.  She did really well.  Raised the hoops today and warm, moist air met me.  The carrots and lettuce, above, are still looking great.  More spinach seeds have sprouted and the red oak leaf lettuce is growing in size.  I may be able to add the red oak to salads, soon. 

Ziva had her headdress removed and she gets to run around free of it for several days.  Her ears will be set again next week.  She's gained 4 pounds and several inches, by the look of her.  All gangly legs, too.  She is still the reason the cat looks at us like we're deranged. 

He still has his ears, but just barely.

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