Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snowy day, Winter surely on the way...

After two days of constant rain, today was a full day of snow.  It made me lethargic.  Took forever to wake up and get out of my warm cocoon and meet the day.  Only got as far as the couch, where I vegged for another hour.  Finally, made it to the kitchen for my morning cup of coffee.  I made it last forever.  In checking the garden through the windows all seemed to be well.  At least the covers were still on.

When I finally got going, I decided we were going to need cheese balls.  My FAVORITE breakfast meal.  Well, I also love waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.  Family will be showing up for the holiday so the cheese balls will be welcome for fast meals.   Made a big pile of totes for Steve to take back to the garage, leftovers from my constant decorating.  He made excuses about the cold, so they may be in the house for a while.

Ziva had her first foray in snow.  When the first heavy flakes landed on her, she couldn't figure how to get them off.  Then, she just took off running.  Tried biting at a few flakes, too.  Steve was ready to come in quickly but he had the dickens of a time getting her to stop running through the snow and come back in.   We've heard that Dobermans don't like the cold.  I've always wondered about that since they were developed in Germany and there's lot of snow there.  I guess Ziva hasn't heard that either.  She doesn't shy from heading out into it.

The turkey is thawing in the refrigerator.  The fixins have been bought and all the sides planned down to the nth degree.  Dug the roaster out of the garage.  I'd say we're pretty much set for the holiday to commence.  

Now, Steve needs a beating as I've found another carton of eggnog in the pantry refrigerator. 
Bad! Bad hubby!

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