Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tons to do before Christmas....

Spent the day getting the house cleaned for the holidays.  I still find it amazing how much dirt can accumulate in the house.  After all, there's just the two of us. 

Ok, there's the cat.  Ok, there's the puppy.  Ok, there's every darned wind that blows over a few miles an hour that blows fine, talc-like dirt throughout the house.   But, until we get the decks in, the ground will not get ground-covered.   At times I do wish that there were more weeds than there are.  They would be a hassle to cut but they might smother some of the flying dust.  Of course, Steve will disagree here, as he cuts them down, not me.

Many trips to the garage today to drag out the MANY containers of Christmas decor.  The tree alone takes a week to decorate.  If I wait much longer, I will start to have a panic attack.  I have a schedule and I am a pain in the you-know-what if I get behind.  Which I am. 
Just ask Steve.

The crock pot did it's thing nicely which helped me retain a little bit of sanity.  Modified my Beef Stroganoff recipe to cook beautifully in it.  Cooks all day and is no trouble at all.  That's only if you don't consider your stomach growling all day a bad thing.  

Be glad you can't hear Steve at the table.  You'd think he hadn't eaten all day.  
Ziva is sitting patiently at his feet thinking she may get some.  

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