Monday, November 18, 2013

Vet nurse for the day...

Not an eventful day today.  Spent most of it being a nursemaid to Ziva.  I know she is probably like a toddler in that she is putting everything in her mouth like they do.  She loves being outside with Steve while he's working on the house.  They are out there for hours and she is seemingly trying out eating all the bark, branches and grasses she can.  Inevitably, she comes into the house and throws it all up for quite a while.   I feel for her because she looks so sad after a bout of the heaves.   

She has found her place to nap while convalescing between bouts of the heaves.  In front of a south-facing window next to a heater.  The place is under my desk.  If I sit down she's on my feet.  She does seem to recover quickly, though, and heads to the door to wait until I let her out to join Steve.

It is cold outside so I check on both of them regularly.  Steve is keeping warm by painting the house and still adding the new fascia boards.  She'll stay with him awhile, then she goes over to the garage doors to warm up by their radiating heat. 

When she's outside, I still am trying to get the house decorated.  I knew I had a lot of Christmas decor, but I am finding out it was much more than I thought.  I've found decor from years ago when I had a different theme.  I'm stacking it in a different place as I'll be deciding on whether to have a garage sale in the new year.  I've downsized quite a bit since retirement.  I guess the old items can finally be set free.

Steve will be so pleased.  He hates the yearly jobs of dragging the totes into, then out of, the house at Christmas. 

I wonder how one sells stuff on eBay?

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