Saturday, November 2, 2013

Our own little bouncy house....

Yesterday was a shopping day, so we headed into Show Low in the 5 ton.  It's always a big undertaking to get that truck out, warmed up and filled up.  But, we had to take it as Steve was buying 16' boards to replace some siding on the house. 

We differ in the need of such a purchase.  They look OK to me and there will be decks covering them soon, I hope.  He thinks they look worn and it may be too long before the decks are done.  Besides, I know there will be serious damage to my backside while I endure "the passenger seat."  It is NOT made for any passenger.  Like sitting on a hard metal box.  Then, add the piledriver-type bouncing to it and there's no walking without a crook in the gait for a week. 
But, he always talks me into it.  How he does it, I'll never know.

The views we pass while driving into town are always stunning.  This is a shot of the Ponderosa Pine trees just past Aripine, from my bouncy seat, so a little blurry.  Sometimes we see wild horses out there.  You see all types of land here; burned areas still only filled with small brush where the Rodeo-Chediski fire went through; pastures of cattle and horses on the many ranches along the road; water, which always surprises me as the ponds look more like springs, and are there any springs up here; and the ever present Ponderosa and Piñon pines.

Arriving at the mega construction store, the truck draws its mega amount of men to ooh and aah over it.  I seriously believe this is the main reason Steve takes it out.  After the boards are purchased, a mega amount of store personnel offer to help in securing them in the back of the truck.  Finally, two maneuvered themselves into the back along with Steve.  Then, he is asked a mega amount of questions about the truck; where he bought it, how much do those tires cost, what's the gas mileage, etc.  He laps it up.

We bounced over to another mega construction store to buy paint.  Because, after the boards are put on, we will, of course, need to paint them and why not paint the house to match the garage?  I again state, to no one in particular, that when the new siding is put on it'll need painting then and let's save some money.  Absolutely nobody heard me, not even Steve.

Hard to see from this angle, but this is an old painted Victorian house, now used as a realty office.  We pass it when turning onto the main drag.  I love the colors and there must be 30 of them just on the spindles on the verandas.  I would love this house, if I could move it off the highway and if I could remotely afford a million dollars, which it is listed for. 

We bounced our way home and I hobbled my way inside.  Didn't even try to check on the garden.  There is an up side to going somewhere in this truck.  I can barely walk afterwards, so all the unloading has to be done by the mister.

Karma!... or Truckma!

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