Sunday, December 22, 2013

A kennel a chicken will love...

Really light snow flurries yesterday; not the hype we had been given.

Light enough to head to Show Low to pick up our latest investment... the cage for the chicken coop.

I spent hours online trying to find just the right one, too.  It needed to be 5 feet wide so the plastic-playhouse-coop would fit and it needed to be 10 feet long, again so the coop would fit and still leave room for the chickens to have 5 feet of play room.

Each time I thought I'd found "THE ONE."   Then, after reading the reviews, I had to keep junking one after another.  Either, they rusted badly, or the latches kept breaking, or a dog could practically pull the sides open.  I checked galvanized, painted, and you have it.  Finally, the ASPCA had the perfect dog kennel, 'er chicken run. 

And, wouldn't you know it, it could be delivered to our nearest Wal-Mart.  FREE!!  Always a deal. 

It came in quicker then stated and the snow was nothing, so we were off.  Bigger than I thought and heavier.  Luckily, a few minutes after arrival, it was safely put into the truck by fork-lift and we were happy campers.
It's still in the back of the truck in the garage as, at 159 pounds, we will need strong hands to help get it out.  Lucky for us, they arrive for Christmas.  

I want to walk this holiday, so I'm not even trying to help. 
I'll do some bribing with pecan pie... pumpkin pie.... :)

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