Tuesday, December 10, 2013

and things just keep getting better.... Ha!

Having a lovely day.  Actually, still waiting for it to get warmer and hoping we have water soon.  Woke to no water as our pipes froze, even after I left the faucet to drip last night.  I guess it must be at a faster rate than the one I chose.  Steve said we didn't need to have the faucet on, so I guess he'll let me do the deciding on that front.  Temps hovered around 12-20 today. Steve is grouchy when he can't be outside. I get grouchy when he's grouchy. We're a pair, for sure.  

We have also officially been trained by Ziva.  She will run all over the land, then climb either of the stairs and bark to be let in.  Once in a while she's also doing that to be let out.  Bark, I mean.  Today was a trip to the vet for another puppy shot and to have her ears checked.  The second round of tapping  has resulted in one hear doing splendidly.  The other is still a little floppy.  She gets to have a few days of ear freedom and them she'll get them taped again.  The vet is hoping this is the last time and her ears will be strong enough on their own.   She's now 35.7 pounds.  Eating like a horse.  Steve can barely lift her anymore.

I have noticed a very short recipe in most of my magazines lately, so I've given it a try.  Parmesan Crusted Chicken.  Chicken and 3 other ingredients.  Just my kind of recipe.  I usually won't try one if there are more than 6 ingredients.  Well, I think I've discovered Steve's favorite one, by far.  If you see it in the mags, try it. 

The mag recipe calls for 4 chicken breasts.  We only need 1, which I butterfly (calories, you know).  I use 1 rounded tablespoon of mayo in a bowl.  Add half that amount of grated Parmesan cheese next to it.  Stir them together.  Spread over chicken breast.  Sprinkle on Italian-style bread crumbs.  Bake for 25 minutes at 425 degrees.  (The recipe doesn't call for salt and pepper, but I add that before the mayo mixture goes on top).  

Half-breast serving size shown in the picture. So moist and delicious.  This recipe is a "company worthy" dish.  Try it.    Served it with our own green beans.

Feeling the need for a fire, so I'm going to beg Steve to start it.  He can still get down on his knees.   I can get down, but can never get back up. 

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