Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Big storm coming our way...

I'm not even going to try to check the garden today.  All night we were listening to windy howls, so I was sure some damage had been done.  The winds are coming through at gale-force so the covers are moving.  While taking Ziva out for her morning constitutional, Steve had to secure the short garden's tall cover. 

Rain and snow have been trying to cover our homestead for most of the morning, but Mother Nature is seeming to dump most of it in Flagstaff.  I'm sure it's making it's way here, later.  Show Low is supposedly getting 4-6 inches today and we get more, so I wonder how we'll do.

Ziva is under my desk, laying in front of the heater.  She had her weekly bath today since it's really too cold to be outside.  I have to keep moving my feet so I don't step on her.  Her snoring is almost as bad as Steve's, so I guess she's content. 

She seems another foot taller and she's eating several cups of food daily.  Since it's easier to get on the couch now, she's been trying it constantly.  Training her to stay off it will commence, TODAY!

Must get the kitchen compost bucket emptied today.  It's full after the company and I had to put some in the trash, which I hate doing.  Not good at wasting items for the compost pile.

Well, got everything ground up and ready for the pile.  Cold and rainy trip and I ran most of the way.  I did, however, take the time for a picture.  The pile was sodden and easy to turn.  I am a little surprised that there were some red tomatoes still coming out on vines stuffed in the left bin.  They were mushy so couldn't be used.  Darn! 
My typical crock pot meal is cooking away, since it's so cold today.  Pork chops will go along with a small salad I gleaned from the garden yesterday.  Red oak leaf lettuce, spinach and a few green lettuces.  
I must get up and check the progress of the meal.  Ziva isn't waking up, so until my feet are free...
Ta! Taa!

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