Friday, December 27, 2013

Birthdays, not just for youngsters anymore...

Had a great day.  Steve had his 60th birthday and he spent it shooting in the forest with our youngest son and getting his sister's car worked on.

I spent the day watching a full season of "Treehouse Masters" and enjoyed myself immensely.  Steve's sister is here for the holidays, so we vegged in front of the TV.  She's never seen the show so it was fun watching her reactions to the great treehouses they build.

Aaron is shooting an old fire extinguisher here.  They headed out to an area that was burned in the Rodeo-Chediski fire so it looks bleak.  It's sad that the place looks like this, now.  It was so full and lush with pines before the fire.  Unfortunately, a lot of the areas on the Rim look like this.

The guys worked on Steve's sister's car after her trip out here from Minnesota.  It started chugging and racing in New Mexico.  After being put on the machines at the shop, turns out 3 cylinders were mis-firing.  She also had a flat that she kept filling until she arrived.  It had several large staples in it.  We'll head to Show Low in the next few days to buy another tire. We want her to make it home safely.

Checked on the carrots today.  They seem frozen in even though they were covered.  Tomorrow I'll see if I can free any of them.  Must plan a stew, if I can get any of them out of the dirt.

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