Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve on the homestead...

It's been a quiet Christmas Eve with me, the hubby and our second-born, Aaron.  He made it up the Rim safely and has been catching his breath as he gets accustomed to the higher altitude.  Ziva has been sticking to him like glue.  Sheesh, I guess we're second class people now. 

The guys made the garbage run, store run and checked for any restaurants that'll be opened for Christmas Eve as I didn't want to cook, tonight.  Only one to choose from so it's Mexican for dinner.

They decided to dry-fit the chicken coop enclosure in the garage before dragging it out to the site. 
Check list:
1 ASPCA 5 x 10 x 6 foot dog kennel
1 Lucky Dog cover for a dog kennel, not made for this one, but it fits exactly
1 child's playhouse
2 fairly good construction workers

Those chickens are going to have one mighty fine coop and enclosure.

Finishing up the breakfast casserole for Christmas morning and then hitting the hay.
Hoping Santa will put a greenhouse under the tree, but not upset if one's not there.

Maybe that enclosure will come in handy for "Santa" Steve if something good isn't there...

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