Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday blowout...

Finally, I can sit down and get a post done.  The house has been FULL and loud, Loud, LOUD!!  People were sleeping on the floor in the living room and all the bedrooms were full.  After months of quiet with just Steve and me here, it took some getting used to. 

21 pound turkey is gone.  Not even any leftovers to savor.  Ziva is wandering around looking bereft, looking for all the playmates she had just last week.  It's gonna be hard for us to entertain her now.

Friends came up and brought these pumpkins for us.  Truth be told, they were for shooting practice for everyone who wanted to have some fun.  They never made it there, so we get to use them in a beautiful still life in the back yard.  I'm going to see how old they are.  Might get some pumpkin saved for pies at Christmas.   Otherwise, they go into the compost pile.

Finally made a trip out to the garden.  Feeling some shame as I practically forgot about it for a week.  But, it did really well, even with the snow and freezing weather.  The spinach and red oak leaf lettuce were ready to harvest from all three big gardens.  Plucked a few carrots, too.  Thinking a healthy salad is going along with dinner.  After all the sweets and fatty foods over Thanksgiving I think that's just what our tummies are calling for.

Well, Steve's tummy.  Mine keeps trying to find those home-made chocolate-covered cherries from our friend Rosemary.   May have to put my tummy in time-out!

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