Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter duking it out...

Well, that last storm we were expecting never made it to more than a damp, short rain.  The storm coming in now seems to be more of a threat.  Temps are hovering around 25 degrees and the winds will pull the hair from your head.  Expecting a low of 6, which may not be bad to some, but to a flat-lander from the desert.... whooo!

Trying a new recipe for the crock pot today, since nobody will be going outside unless Ziva needs a bathroom break.  Meatloaf and potatoes.  It looked good going into the pot.  I hope it tastes as good.  At least it should be nice and warm to our tummies.

Working on the Christmas letters while stuck inside.  I've found my ol' brain needs a lot of nudging to remember our year and then decide what to write about.  Dug up some pictures of the grand kids and threw one in of Ziva, too. 
Still digging out pieces of Christmas decor.  Most are in the boxes of Christmas items, but I find I've squirreled a few away in nooks and crannies throughout the house. 
Last year, Seth was the first grand kid to start the Christmas advent cabin.  It's filled with mountain animals and birds and is perfect for our house.  By the time he was done with it, the menagerie was all over the cabin, sitting on the porch or hanging from the tree.  It's a great calendar.  It's from

Steve has a fire going so I'm heading that way.  The dinner is smelling great.  The dog is in front of the fire.  A Christmas movie is starting. 

I'm in heaven.

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