Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Quiet computer time today...

I had a unproductive garden day today.  Spent most of it inside on the computer.  I veg on the computer.  Only 404 emails messages waiting there for me and I'm proud to say I got it down to 350.  Hey, that's good for me.  I start with one, and it leads me somewhere completely unrelated to the message and before I know it, I've done 20 other things.  So, the messages don't go away quickly.

I belong to Find A Grave where I peruse the memorials for family members, so I can get a picture of their headstones (always get permission before using them).  I love headstones.  The older the better, in most cases.  I have found some spectacular stones.  Some 10 feet high (OK, one ten feet high), pink stone, bronze, copper, asphalt and just about anything else you can imagine.  Shaped like logs, houses, spheres, stars.  Some as big as the person and some as small as a fist.  Strange, but beautiful.  Daily, I receive messages with these pictures and these are those MOST likely to pull me astray. 

Steve left me alone to change filters, oil and wash vehicles; his form of bliss.  His baby (Ziva) lasted though the cleaning of one vehicle before coming inside to lay on my feet whilst I worked online.  I guess they are all ready for the Christmas visitors.

Speaking of Ziva; she had her ears tapped again.  After her last few days of ear-freedom, they flopped down.  The vet said this happens to cropped dogs when their teeth come in.  The ears go down, then go back up.  Well, all her top front teeth are coming in, so this was new to us.  Don't remember this with our last Doberman.  That "over 50 senility" is still plaguing us.

Just saw on the news that snow will be here in two days.  YUCK!!  
I think I'll soothe myself with a piece of pecan pie. 

(In my last post I mentioned that it needs to be hidden from Steve if I want it to last.  Darn, if I don't remember where it is when I shouldn't)

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