Sunday, December 8, 2013

Storm damage...

I just KNEW that we'd have some problem on the homestead after that wind last night.  First thing I looked out to the garden and one cover was missing.  And not the one that always leaves.  That one still had both cement blocks on it.  No, this was the cover for our first garden.  It's never been blown off, so I never expected it.

Steve found it up the hill and drug it back.  It's been destroyed.  The long conduit frame was bent and a connector on one side broken off.  So, he bent it back into a serviceable condition and got it over the lettuce and carrots, but he's going to have to make another one.  I have no idea when this happened, but surely during the night, so I really hope the lettuce can be saved.  The carrots were probably protected in the dirt, but their greens will have to be watched.

As an aside, the crock pot meatloaf was... how shall I say it....ok.  Steve liked it; me, not so much.  Ok, some of it was my fault.  I had no saltine crackers, so used Wheat Thins, which were too dense for my liking.  Then, cooking meatloaf in the crock pot made it seem too heavy. Probably from the moisture dripping down on it.  I also felt it was too dry, which is not something I usually say of anything done in the crock pot.  I added gravy to make the meat and potatoes moister.  I think this meal is going to be an oven creation from now on.  However, this is not going to put me off using the crock pot.  It's just too darned convenient.

Now that the sun is up and it's slightly warmed, we're heading to the garage to see what we can use to repair, or fix, the hoop.

Ok, we were.  Steve was just distracted by a football game.  Sheesh! 

Well, just as I said that, we lost power.  Happens a lot in the mountains.  So, no football game.  Maybe I'll get the hoop done after all.

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