Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunny, with a chance of warmth...

Sunny day finally, so I headed out to check the garden I've been neglecting lately.  And, even though it's sunny, it's still only 49 degrees.  Brrrr!!  The garden under the hoops seemed OK, but I can see that it isn't going to make it much longer. 

The lettuces are at a stand-still.  Most were still green but they had not grown any.  A few had turned to mush.  The spinach was still green and healthy looking, but those which had sprouted just before the real cold had not progressed any further.   The carrots are still the stand-outs.  They are still looking fresh and vibrant. 

The cilantro is looking strange.  I have fresh leaves, but it grew up taller than I thought it would.  Where is touched the hoop, it died back.  But, it still smells great and I can use the lower leaves for a Mexican meal.  I think I'll just move it into a taller hoop from now on.

I tried to dig up a garlic head, but those out in the open are frozen in.  I guess that is something I can't hold off on next year.  I even tried to dig one which was under the small, tall hoops but the shovel goes in only a couple inches.  So, I failed at garlic too, it seems.

I also got around to the most forgotten chore of the kitchen and garden; getting the kitchen compost bin emptied into the compost.  Couldn't mix it in as the pile was frozen. 
Good thing, or bad thing?  I guess it's not been generating much heat.  Probably down and out for the season.

Decided to perk myself, and Steve, up with a pecan pie. Tried a variation.  The recipe just calls for pecans, but I decided to roast them, first.  They smelled wonderful roasting. 

The verdict?  Roast the pecans first.  Then, hide the pie, or it disappears...

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