Friday, December 13, 2013

The 5 ton has a doctor's appointment...

Steve has been fighting a loosing battle with one of the tires on his 5 ton.  Over Thanksgiving, there was a daily task of airing up the tire for those who're visiting to take it for a drive.  With Christmas coming up and the expected visitors coming to drive it, we decided it needed to be done soon.  Time for a trip into Show Low.

We called ahead to see what stations there did split-rim tires, as many places consider them too dangerous.  The above picture shows we did find such a place.  They were very good and pleasant.  The truck was a big sensation when we pulled in, for sure.  I never knew how complicated it was to get one of these tires off, fixed and then back on.  I know they worked over an hour, and found two nails in the tire, not just the one we saw.  What they charged seemed low for the time taken, but we were very grateful for that low charge.  I think this'll be the place to go for further flat tires.

Afterward, there was the monthly shopping, especially with the items needed for Christmas.  We stuffed bags in the spare tire, under the bench seat and under our feet, but we did get it all home.

While leaving town, we were able to get this better picture of the Victorian house I had put on before.  Think it's soooo much better than that last one.  Each one of the railing spindles is many colors.  Just think of the time it took to paint this.  As I said before, I'd buy this if I could move it off the highway and if I had 1 million dollars.

We ended the day with a fantastic thunder snow storm during the night.  Lightening, thunder and snow everywhere.  Ziva was nervous, at first, it being her first experience with thunder, but she later sat at the sliding door and watched the lightening as it lit up the forest.

All in all, a good, productive day.

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