Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And... the "eyes" have it...

Been incommunicado for this last week while doing our usual run to the valley for doctors appointments and an unexpected funeral. 

After my last post on arthritis and my need to do one on eye sight, I have some updates to the eye sight gripe.  One of the appointments was for Steve and me to get new glasses.  It's been a couple years and I thought I was noticing some vision changes. 

Turns out my eyes haven't changed at all... my glasses did.  The scratches on them made me think my eyes were worse.  Steve, however, did have eye changes.  Also turns out his glasses were much more scratched than mine.  This I understand, as he always wears his and I do only for reading.   Many a time I've seen his glasses take a drive when he's out working.

I'm getting bifocal sunglasses so I can read seed packets when in the garden.  This will be so much better than calling Steve over to read them for me.  Now, seeds will be planted at the correct depths; weeds will be easier to distinguish from plants; squinting will be abated.  Maybe the crows feet around the eyes will diminish, too.

Steve's CPAP machine for sleep apnea was tuned up.  He had some sun damage on his forehead removed.  Had a suspicious mole removed.  I guess his tune-up will keep him healthy for a while.  He even stopped at a military vehicle show while in the valley, which did wonders for his psych, too. 

I must say that moving into the mountains has been great for our health.  Each lost 25 pounds.  I stopped blood pressure meds, he stopped cholesterol meds.  We have a dog who licks our arms and faces, so no mental meds, ever! 

Heading out to put the final 3 bags of composted manure onto the garden.  I guess that's all that will need to be done until spring.   I'm still acquiring the items needed for straw bale gardening to commence in spring.

(wish I'd thought about this in the fall when straw bales were cheaper) 

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