Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Arthritis... yuck!!!

Not much to do in the garden these days, so I'm going to rant on arthritis.

Had some type of arthritis in my knees for years.  It was never painful, just weakened them.  I was given the nickname Tumblelina for the epic falls, um, rolls, I accomplished when going down stairs.
I can climb up any number of stairs and have no problem.  But, try to go down just a couple flights of stairs and I'm rolling down. 

At work, I hated the inevitable fire drills.  Elevators are locked and we had to descend 3 floors, or 6 flights of stairs.  I bless my ex-coworkers who would go down in front of me while I clung to the railings with a death grip.  They were trying to block me from falling down.  The plan was I'd hit them and stop the downward roll.  Didn't do it in front of them, ever. 

But, I remember the awful fall I took when I first started working there.  I was in a skirt (last I ever wore after that) and had an armful of police reports.  Got down 3 flights before the knees buckled and I rolled down into the stairwell on the 1st floor.  Papers were swirling around me as I lay on my back, legs up and forever thankful I got up before the noise was investigated.  Only used elevators after that. Of course, NOT for fire drills.

I'm adding zip lining to this list.  Tried it on a cruise to Jamaica.  Sounded fun, but they never said in the brochures that we'd have to walk down a loooong mountainside to the event area.  Hubby Steve had to hold me up starting only halfway down the mountain or I'd have rolled the whole way down.  The legs were jelly at the bottom. 

Here, I must thank the lovely young men who ran the zip line.  They had to get me through the course to get me to the end of the line so we could go home.   They'd literally lift me high enough to hook me to the lines and push me off.  Only bad thing about this was I couldn't lift my legs to push off the tree at the end of the run to stop.  They'd jump in front of me to stop me.  Hook me up to the next run, push me off, stop me at the end.  I was never so happy to see the end of the lines.  I couldn't walk so they brought me back on a 4 track.  We actually beat the others on the trip back to the ship because they had to walk back into town and we got the ride.  Almost felt sorry for them.  Almost.

Rolled down the stairs on the island of Kauai in Hawai'i.  Took a cruise around the islands and we were going to a luau.  It was held in the visitors center and, gasp, involved stairs.  Actually, we were climbing the stairs so I felt confident.  But, horrors, we then had to go down several flights to the quadrangle where the luau would be.  Steve walked in front of me while I held onto the railings, but down I went and took another man with me.  I never did roll, as I had a death grip on the railing.  I ended up twisted around the man.  Only injury?  Flipped the large toenail on right foot up off the toe.  Only a BandAid required to hold it down for the luau.  Limped around several days.

Now, moving up here was a blessing after the heat in the valley.  I'm now noticing the colder months bring out arthritis I didn't know I had.  Particularly in the hands.  I'd felt some twinges in my right thumb for years, but didn't think it was arthritis.  I've now developed BAD pain the the thumb and forefinger of the left hand.  CRAP!!  Now I find I ache anytime I try to pick up something.  A sharp, biting pain.  It's been my go-to hand for grasping for years.  Can't seem to do it now.  Hoping this goes away in the warm months, or gardening will be terrible.

It does mean I can't open jars very well, so Steve is extremely helpful during the cooking process.

So, he now opens jars AND reads them for me.... since my eyes have gone, too.

Darn!!  Will need to rant on eyesight, too......

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  1. I didn't know you were into rolling down stairs! I guess you have been asked why you don't walk down backwards? Cola blindsided me last week, knocked me down outside, now my wrist is messed up too. :( LL