Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finding out that it's sad looking at an empty garden...

Spent the last two days getting the garden cleaned out and spruced up for the rest of the winter.  Dug out remnants of growth; filled in the sunken area; pulled out as many rocks as I could find.

Doesn't it look sad?

Had a dickens of a time keeping Ziva out of it.  She really hated the rake and tried to take it from me several times.  I couldn't get much garden soil from the pile as it was frozen just a few inches down.  Probably making a trip to the store for some bagged compost so it can sit through the rest of the winter.

Steve is still working on the house, getting the fascia boards replaced and painting.  This is the last side to do, though, so I'm hoping he'll help me more in the garden.  Ziva was running away from the camera for some reason.  I know she's not camera shy so she must've seen something fun.

Wondering what to do with my time, at least until dinner.

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