Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Spent most of the morning just goofing around after staying up late to watch the ball in Time's Square drop.  Kinda lonely now that everyone who had been here for the holidays has left. 

Steve watched things on his TV and I watched Christmas movies on mine.  He hates them.  I'll never understand why guys don't like sappy movies.  Ha!  Anyway, they'll go away for another year, so I needed to watch my favorite ones, now.  We did come together for the ball drop, though. 

Steve had more energy today, so he headed out to work on the hole for his flagpole. Ziva tagged along, so I grabbed my camera and followed. She was more of a hindrance than help. Kept digging in the pile of dirt from the hole, knocking most back in.

 While Steve was grooming the bottom of the hole she seemed to try to see what was so fascinating down there.  Mainly just walked all over her human.  She's weighing a lot more so it couldn't have been comfortable.  We then spent quite a while looking for the tape measure that she walked off with.

I know it's not a fun thing to do, but I started pulling the tax info together for last year.  One thing about retirement; there's not a lot we spend money on, or spend time on, so it goes quickly.  The longest wait is for the bank forms to arrive.

Enchiladas need starting so I must go.

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