Friday, January 17, 2014

In with the new... manure, that is...

Luckily, there was a sale of bagged composted manure blend in our local garden store yesterday.  Since I hadn't decided what to do with the garden this late in the winter, I was at their mercy.  I think they were glad to get rid of the 10 bags we took before the new stock comes in.  We were freezing while loading them up as a cool-down was in the works for the last two days so I prayed for warmth today.

We got up to 60 degrees today so we headed out to top-off the garden.

Since we'd groomed the garden last week, we just put down the recommended newspaper and covered it with the manure mix.  I had some bagged composted mulch so we added that to the top.  Everything was wet down since we've not seen hide-nor-hair of snow this year.  Now, the garden will just sit until spring.

This bed is looking groomed, but smelly.  I think the manure wasn't composted for very long.  Something we found out today?  Ziva will have to be watched around the garden, until the fence is in.  She ate any of the manure she could get her mouth on.  YUCK!   Hoping she doesn't get sick from it.

Been reading some books on gardening and I'm thinking that I'm going to try the straw bale gardening system in the spring.  If it works like the book says, I think it might be another great way to get more plants going.  Especially the taller ones. 

It seems easy enough to condition the bales so they will be off to helping grow healthy plants.  And they compost while growing the plants so heat is generated and the growing season is extended.  Then, just put the composted straw in the compost pile in fall. 
All well and good, if it works for me.

As we all know, not everything works up here in the way expected. 

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