Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just knocking around lately...

Today was a general work-around-the-house-and fix-things-day: 

Looked up how to season old cast iron skillets.  Did two and they look great.  Mostly using cast iron a lot lately.  Love how foods crisp in them.   And clean-up is a breeze.

Laundry was caught-up after the throngs of people who stayed here for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (Yes, the sheets and towels were washed between the two holiday crowds)

Worked on thank-you cards for all of the lovely Christmas gifts we received.

Mailed off a Christmas gift which just came in the mail.  Finally!  Sorry Connor.

Watered the garden.  Hoping to keep the heat built up under the hoops as the nights are still freezing.

Checked the emails that I’ve not found time to check.  Man, you all have been busy.

Bathed Ziva, who REALLY needed it. 

Ground up the stuff in the kitchen compost bin.  Mostly egg shells.  WOW!  What have we been cooking lately?  Ok, eating a lot of breakfast burritos.  My mom got me hooked on them at Thanksgiving.   Now, the compost pile is frozen.  Where to put this new load?

Ate the last piece of pecan pie.  Yes, I know.  Bad Gail!  Even worse was baking another one after Christmas day.  THEN, finishing that one off.

Must start a diet somewhere in these next few weeks.   NAH!!!!!

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