Friday, January 10, 2014

Love the color orange in the kitchen...

Well, seems like I've been living in the kitchen the last few days.  After Ziva destroyed the garden hoops, I spent another full day getting carrots out of the garden.  Some, I never did get out as they froze solid into the dirt.  There is now black plastic over those areas so I may get them out later.

I must've brought in many pounds.  Here are some before they get processed.  They filled all of my counter space.  Some of them are HUGE!! 
I suppose you can see that there were several multi-rooted forms. 

They processed down to 6 bags of carrots for stews and other crock pot meals.  I kept some for eating and to go along with egg salad sandwiches (Yummmm).  And the bowl of peelings will be headed for the compost pile, when I get a second wind.

I feel like I've been standing for hours... WAIT!! I have.  So, I'm not doing anything more tonight.

Steve, feel like giving me a foot rub???

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