Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sadly, another Holiday season is over...

Had the breakfast of champions today.  Three slices of cheese roll and an BIG handful of Wheat Thins.  YUM! 

Needed extra strength for my Herculean task of ...

Taa Daa!....
Taking down the Christmas decorations. 
I know! I know!  You're thinking... WHAT!???
Hey, it takes a whole week to get everything out, and up.  I'm not going to take it down until I've had plenty of time to enjoy it.   My boys knew that Christmas would be a 3 month holiday at our house.  Set it up the week of Halloween and leave it up until the end of January.  I'm sure they heard our neighbors talking about me and my crazy holiday ideas.   
Of course, Halloween decor went up on October 1st inside the house.  Outside, I held off until just before fright night so decor didn't disappear.  I just figure that some holidays need extra time, effort and enjoyment.

Anyway, half of the tree is now naked.  The lower half.  Not enough strength to climb up and down ladders today.  I'll hit the top half tomorrow.

Now, I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll need more energy.   

Maybe cinnamon rolls for breakfast?


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