Monday, January 6, 2014

Sunny, but cold, with a chance of cement?....

The last few days were nice.  Well, for being extremely cold, they were sunny, so they are to be appreciated. 

Steve and Ziva spent the days working on manicuring the flagpole hole to perfection.  Honestly, I do not understand his need to make holes, poles, and grading perfect, but is still satisfied with crooked boards, sloppy paint jobs and really bad caulking jobs. 

I spent a lot of my years as an artist where things needed to be as perfect as I could make them; whether working on paintings, ceramics or carvings.  Steve's differing levels of perfection have me baffled.  Constantly!


So, imagine my shock as I check on them.  He'd made a block to keep the pole straight while the cement set.  There was a level being used for something other than a wall hanging in the garage.  All in all, he was almost ME at this moment.   I fell in love with him all over again.
Later, the whole shebang was covered with black garden plastic to help it heat up enough to set before the temps drop to the 10's during the night. 
I'll bet that Steve and Ziva will have lovely dreams of spring when they get to fly the flags on their great accomplishment.
I will love the fact, that for a few shining moments, Steve was almost perfectly... me!!

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