Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Well, there goes the fresh veggies for the winter...

Found out today what our next project will be.  A fence.  Anyone want a new puppy??

So, I head out to check on the garden.  Yes, it's been a few days and no, I wasn't expecting any surprises.  Well......................

Ziva has been a very busy girl.  Three of the four hoops have been torn apart.  And there she stands, looking all innocent.  Wanting to play.  She got a yelling at, but I could tell she had no idea why.

The cold had stopped most of the growing of the spinach and lettuce.  Sprouts had not gone anywhere.   But, my carrots were doing fine getting sweeter and sweeter.   Now, they're going to have to be pulled.  Quickly.

Started pulling them.  This bed is the first planting of carrots last spring.  Some in there were huge.  Two inches in diameter.  Most were nicely developed, but some really strange ones in there, too.  Double roots, triple roots, NAUGHTY roots.  I guess we know what a few rocks in the dirt can do to carrots.  

I only pulled this bed, hoping to get to the others, later.  I filled two large buckets with carrots and took them inside to wash.  In the morning I'll get them processed. 

So, now we'll have to plan on getting the garden area fenced to keep the little monster out.  I guess we knew something was going on out there, but honestly, we never thought she was destroying the place.  She has walked by with a few things from the compost pile.  Guess we should've been paying better attention. 

Sheesh, I thought my days of watching the equivalent of a two-year-old were over...

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