Monday, February 17, 2014

Birds of a feather, flocking together, on the bird bath....

Our bird feeders are really busy the last few days.  I wonder if this means the snow is coming back.  I hope it does.  These 70 degree days are not normal and I'm worried about water shortages for the rim.  If snow is coming, I'll gladly dance in it.

We have a huge amount of these new birds at the feeders and the bird bath.  We've been here 3 years and this is the first time we've had them show up.  I had to get out the Western Bird book and see what they are.  Turns out we are being visited by Evening Grosbeaks.  This is the male (above) and the picture is not doing him justice.  Yellow eyebrows.  Bright yellow back with white patch.  Black wings.  Beautiful.  We have, at least, 8 couples right now.


The robin population has skyrocketed, too.  Hoards of them are at the bird bath on any given day.  They seem huge, too.  This is a female getting some water.  Beautiful birds. 

The garden is chugging along on it's own; vegging in the sun.  Ha!  Vegging!  Garden! 
Get it?!

Sheesh, no sense of humor.....

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