Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jaunt to the valley equals more work...

Went to the valley of the sun for a quick trip.  Trying to get our house there ready for sale this spring and it needs painting after the new roof was put on.  I dread checking it out as I KNOW that there will work to do, especially weeding.

Our son lives in it until it goes on the market.  His idea of weeding is.....

to not do anything.  This is my starter garden.  It's where I worked out most of the kinks for the mountain garden.  Now, it's just sad.  You can also tell he collects garbage, tires, trailers, cars, wheels and generally anything he can stuff into the back yard. 

So, after a good cry, I started pulling weeds until my back went out.  I lasted 6 hours which surprised the stuffing's out of me.  However, I cannot sit, stand or walk well now.

The after picture is looking much better.  I know you're looking at the green metal stakes.  They hold sun screening in the summer to extend the growing season before the hellish sunshine at 115 degrees kills off everything.  It works really well.  I even learned to wield a grommet setter with skill. 

This is why the new gardens are higher, so sitting is easier.  And why caps were added to the walls, again, so sitting is less painful.  Before we sell the place I think I'll add caps here and more dirt and some plants.  I think it might be a selling point to home food producers.   The blocks were not cheap and a home purchaser might see the added value?

This garden was mainly a salsa garden.  Tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro.  I also grew zucchini, yellow squash and spinach.

This garden did really well, but the long growing season made it even harder for me to figure out my new garden and it's short, short, short growing season.   Must keep at it.

Hopefully we can get to the store for paint and see what the place will look like all new and shiny.

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