Thursday, February 6, 2014

Show Low in the snow...

It's been cold and very windy up on our mountain and I really have no inclinations to do anything at all.  The garden is on auto-pilot until it warms up.  I'm very happy to just veg on the computer when it's cold out and Ziva likes to join me and lay on my feet in front of the heater.

We, however, had a problem yesterday that needed fixing.  Ziva is now eating us out of house, and home.  She's averaging 9 cups of food a day and while looking into her food can, we knew we only had 1 day of food left.  So, had to make the trip into Show Low for her supplies.

Quickly threw together a shopping list, as we're not heading all the way there for one thing.  Checked the phone app for the weather so we could decide on SUV or truck.  Yesterday was only a 20% chance of snow here, so we (Steve) decided on truck.  Put a couple ice chests in the bed for the cold items and headed out.

A quick and cheap breakfast at Denny's (2,4,6,8 menu) and the shopping commenced. 

Now, when we went into the store, it was just overcast.  When we left store....

we ran smack dab into heavy, 100%, wet, snowfall (must get Show Low's weather onto app).  I, of course, jumped into the cab while Steve braved the snow to stow cold stuff into the chests (not sure if that was smart as it was going to stay cold anyway on ride home).   The non-food items had to be covered to stay dry.  Steve was drenched before getting into the cab.  Awwwww.

Headed home, secretly loving the snow when in a warm, heated vehicle.   Immediately after leaving the town limits, no snow at all.   All the way home, we were sure that was it for the day.  Thought our area was getting nothing. 

Got the truck unloaded while Ziva was constantly in the way, trying to see what she was going to get.  I think she knew the big bags were hers.

Settled onto the computer again, loving the warm house.  Ziva was, again, on my feet (you'd think she'd been outside for hours). 

Then, just as I was giving up on snow here, little ash-like flakes started outside and continued through most of the evening.  Not enough to wet anything, but, lovely, just the same.

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  1. Snowed here also, on Mingus, and the foothills in my backyard. Love the comments on the snow falling like ash, that's exactly how it is here so much and I could never find the right word for it. :)