Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl fenzy has hit us...

Well, the snow decided to hit us today.  Quite a surprise as it's been months without a flake.

Spent the day getting ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Steve watches the game and I sit through it waiting for the commercials.  There are a few looking really good this year as we've been seeing previews all this week.

Anyway, we are having chicken wings (two ways) and 7 Layer dip with tortilla chips.  Margaritas and beer. Since it's just the 2 of us I didn't want a huge amount of leftover food.  Been cutting and chopping all the veggies needed for the feast.  The dip is mostly done and will get it's onions and tomatoes tomorrow.   Blue cheese dressing made and celery crisping.  The wings will marinate in the morning.

Another cheese log made, just because I wanted another one.  Made us a sausage breakfast casserole for tomorrow and one to freeze.  Tomorrow will almost feel like a holiday.

We've been inundated with birds today eating everything in sight.  Maybe they know something we don't?   We've tried to teach Ziva to go after the PiƱon Jays, but she doesn't get it.  Just looks at us like we are crazy.

Speaking of Ziva, she now knows down, sit, lay down, come and stop.  First thing in the morning she'll go outside and do her business.  She then comes in, runs to one of us, lays down with a quizzical look like she's saying "so where's my treat?" and does it until we get her one.

Yup, she's trained us well.

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