Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wood-pecking little....peckers...

We've been a little negligent in our perusing our homestead.  Yep!!  Had our heads in the sand.  So, we missed the damage some woodpeckers have been doing to our garage.

We rarely went to the back side of the garage, and, as you can see from the picture, the woodpeckers seem to have noticed that.  Along the roof line, there are venting holes in the ridge.  They are wood and have a screen inside.  We guess that the holes look like great nesting sites?  Anyway, the little buggers have made some great strides in destroying them. 

Steve has been using wood filler and repainting the areas.  Before the paint even dried, they were back, taking that paint off.  UGG!!!  Then, they started on the front side of the garage.  I guess they were telling us!!   Can't hurt them as they are protected. 
But, sheesh, give us a break, guys (or gals).


A quick run to the hardware store and we had rabbit fencing to cover the repaired areas.   The lengths of fencing are stapled to the rafter ends.  Hopefully, this will deter the little darlings.

If it isn't one thing, it's another when homesteading in the mountains... 

The dog destroys the garden hoops; the freezes destroy the crops; the cold destroys the faucets; the woodpeckers destroy the garage; the summer afternoon heat is wearying.  

But, then again, the beautiful weather (mostly) makes us happy; the rain smells wonderful; the cool nights in summer are to die for; the snow flurries are trance inducing when viewed from a warm house.

Yep, it's still been worth it to take on Mother Nature and try this homesteading thing!

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