Saturday, March 29, 2014

Foundation down and framing party to start...

Finished up the flooring for the greenhouse so we can get started on the framing.  We brought in several wheel barrel loads of dirt and spread it evenly, or as evenly as we could.  Put blocks against the downhill side to keep the dirt from falling out from under the frame.  Then we soaked the floor area with water to settle the new dirt.

After the dirt settled, we leveled again and put rabbit wire down for gopher protection.  Later, we'll put a layer of weed cloth down and then a 3/8th inch cinder.  Hopefully this will keep the floor nice to walk on and help it drain swiftly.

It was time to water the garden again as no rain has shown up.  Some of the wind from the 1st of the week had lifted the newspaper under the manure and I found a squirrel's forgotten stash of sunflower seeds.   Pulled the shoots and put them near the bird seed holders for them, or squirrels, to get some greens into their diets.

Next, we get to framing.  Wish us luck.  The instruction booklet looks suspiciously simple. 
No words, just pictures.  And they aren't all that clear, either.

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