Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pieces are blowing in the wind...

Yesterday we had another day of winds topping out at 60 MPH.  I can definitely say that I'm officially tired of wind.  Any wind.  It can be a lovely 63 degrees, but with the wind it's feeling like 40 degrees.  Yuck!  Dirt is in the eyes and nose.  Working around the garden becomes harder.   Things go flying....

like our coop.  We heard terrible noises all night and things hitting the house.  This morning Ziva and I went to check out the damage and the coop was in pieces and the run was toppled.   Luckily, none of it damaged.  Just a mess.  So, we now know what we'll have to plan on when we decide on how to secure the coop.  We put the pieces by the shed until we can decide what items we'll need to buy.  I love our mountain, but the winds going either up, or down, the mountain daily can be a challenge for a novice gardener.

Before any building can be started on the greenhouse we needed to get the base leveled, plumb and the legs in cement.  We bought PVC pipe and cut it to 2 1/2 foot lengths for each leg on the base.   Steve used a post hole digger to set them.   I wish we had some construction savvy as trying to get the frame squared was frustrating, especially on a hill.  God bless the contruction guys who know what they are doing... and God? please send one to us. 

We measured, and measured and measured.  When it is done I almost cried.   The cement was poured and everything measured again.  So, the base is going to set for a day, or two.  Then, we'll need to level the ground inside the base. 

From the picture, you can see that the uphill side is just below ground level, and the downhill side is 6-7 inches above ground.  Much dirt will need to be added.  But, that's for another day.

I'm bushed.....

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