Monday, March 17, 2014

Sadness abounds....

Well, I've had a couple hard days with the new chicks. 

Our little runt chickie did not make it and I found her dead yesterday.  She seemed to be the chick in the group that did not move much.  I know she ate as she was the one with the pasty butt.  I had to gently clean her a few times.  But, mostly she just sat under the heat lamp.  I even tempted her with veggies and hard boiled eggs, but nothing.  

Anyway, I think I knew it was going to happen.  The night before, I had a dream where I found her dead.  It was so vivid that it woke me up.  I tossed and fell back asleep.  When I awoke, it was true.  My subconscious letting me know?

I've been watching the other 5 now and they seem to be OK.  Nothing catching that seems to be going around.  I have one I'm going to really watch.  She is now the smallest chick and I'm making sure she makes it.   

Today, I'm getting yogurt and an apple to see how they all react to them. 

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