Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SOB!!! My hands...

Working around the garden seems to be a full-time job and we don't even have any food growing; no chickens in the coop; no greenhouse up and producing....YET!

But, my hands are now looking like an evil witch's hands, all dry, cracked, nails broken.... SOB!!

You see, all the friends (and quite a few enemies, I'd bet) I've worked with and family I've lived with, have known I always tried to keep my hands looking decent.  I've always had nails on the longer side.  And now, with a garden, they are gone.  Double SOB!!

It's not like I have special places to go where the nails would make me feel better.  If they don't come back, I'll miss decorating them for Halloween, or other holidays, yes, but working in the garden and taking care of the chickens can get done without them.  Truth be told, my hands are easier to clean without long nails.  No dirt under the nails.   But.... I'm missing them. 

I have short, stubby fingers and that is probably why I kept my nails longer.  They added the illusion of length to those stubby fingers.  Steve commented on them when we first started dating.  Now, as I look at them, it seems my fingers are even shorter than I remember. 

Anyway, I suppose I should get back out there tomorrow and get more done. 

Maybe it'll be like typing... the more I typed, the faster my nails grew. 

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