Monday, March 31, 2014

Wind... wind...everywhere. NOT AGAIN!!!

Well, it turns out we didn't pick a good few days to build this greenhouse frame. 

Before that, let me say that the instructions were not written for the average consumer and Steve, and I are feeling unsure of our semi-college-educated minds. 

We spent 2 HOURS trying to figure out the first step in the construction. Couldn't figure out which side of two 6-sided pieces of metal were the sides supposed to be on the outside of the greenhouse's span sections.  The booklet pictures, in most cases, were unrecognizable to the actual metal pieces we unpacked. 

The gable ends were easier to figure out.  Here Steve is diligently fastening the roof piece to the door gable.  I got up from my "director's chair" for this picture.  YES, I read the directions and told him which pieces went where.  I am, also, the map reader when traveling, as the one time I had him do it, we ended up hundreds of miles off course. 

Now, referring to the 2 hour session above of "what piece are they telling us to use and which way, the heck, does it go; mind boggling, hair pulling out, screaming" section of booklet instructions.... well, we made it through that section without killing each other, but it was almost a marriage-ending proposition. 

We thought we'd finally figured the pieces out, got them fastened together and stood the side panels up to see how they'd match with the gable ends.  THEY DIDN'T!!!!  So, took them apart and tried again.  Didn't match.  Took them apart and tried again.  Fortunately, you can only try so many sides of a 6-sided panel before something works.  Praise all the saints above, but we finally found the correct combination. 

So, it's up.  For the time being.  Now, I mentioned our timing.  Turns out that night, 50 MPH winds were forecasted.  I was hoping that the frame was going to be OK since there wouldn't be much resistance to those winds.  We went to bed praying for it to be watched over.

In the morning we ran out to check it and it was fine.  Slight movement at the very tops of the gables, only.  But, the winds kept it up all day.   I decided that the winds were going to keep me in all day and I found a "Harry Potter" marathon on. 

I finally got to see all of the movies, with quick jaunts outside at most commercial breaks to check on the frame.  Harry, and the frame, both survived.  Whooh!

Now, the booklet does say not to work on the panels in winds, so until this weather pattern changes, we are putting the greenhouse on hold.

No reason to strain the marriage any more than it was..... :)


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