Saturday, April 19, 2014

Catch-up time for the blog....

We had three major things/projects going on when my computer went bye-bye.

1.  Straw bales garden

2.  Chickens and coop

3.  Greenhouse building

The greenhouse was put on hold until the terrible winds die down and we can safely erect it.

So today, going directly to the chickens.

They have gotten so big and have feathered enough that we take them out of our bathroom and they spend the day out in the coop  (Here, I just want to say I'm thankful that you can't see... or smell, the bathroom after they've lived there for a month).   It's still near the 30's at night, so they won't move out completely until warmer nights.  The blue tote is just a convenience for moving them, the brooder is much bigger.

There is a leader in this group and she calls all the shots.  The others wait for her to eat, drink and even play.  She keeps trying to fly so we've got a screen over their brooder box.

Outfitted the inside of the playhouse/coop so it was ready when they were.  Two wood roosts and the metal bar holds the waterer and feeder out of poop reach.  Here you can see the pophole door we made by cutting the inside of the fake fireplace out and sliding an outside door over the opening.  It pulls up and down from the outside.

We are still working on finishing the coop's run, which is a dog run, by covering the open top with fencing to keep the flying predators out (eagles, hawks, ravens, etc.).  Then, we will finish laying the fencing on the ground to keep out diggers (foxes, dogs, raccoons, weasels, skunks, etc.).  

Then, we build the nesting box, but we have plenty of time there. 

Still, there is so much to finish on the garden and greenhouses that I'm hoping they get done before winter.  

Steve is thinking of running away.  He hasn't said so, but I can tell.  After 39 years I can ALMOST read him like a book.

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