Friday, April 4, 2014

Gentlemen, start your engin... straw bale gardens...

Yesterday, it finally became time to start conditioning the straw bales for my try at this type of gardening.   Building the garden went smoothly, so I had great hopes that it would continue that way.  It turned out to be a little frustrating.

For the next ten days, the bales get conditioned with water and fertilizer.  Day one was to sprinkle 1/2 cup fertilizer onto each bale.  Then, get a hose with nozzle and force the fertilizer and water into the bales. 

Not so easy.  Found out it worked best to lightly wet the fertilizer crystals and get them to dissolve a little, or they just washed off the bales.  Then, come back and really jam the nozzle into the bales and let water just fill the bale until it starts running from the bottom, and sides, and everywhere.  Believe me, they resist the water.  Packed tightly, I guess.  I'm standing there in mud and water well before I've finished with the bales.  Must get boots.

Anyway, second day is just to soak with water.  Third day, more fertilizer and water.  Forth day, just water.  And so on.  The tenth day they get a different fertilizer and planting can start.   Today, they did take the water a little bit better than yesterday.

Yesterday, we also received our order of cinders for the greenhouse and garden walkways.   We picked a gold color.  Now, we won't put it into the greenhouse until we can get it completed, which isn't going to be any time soon.  The wind just hasn't been cooperating.

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