Monday, April 21, 2014

Got a call from my brother in California, about his house here in Arizona.  He bought our mom's house in Star Valley (near Payson) when she moved to the valley.  He needed the gas heater checked as it may have a problem.

So, we decided we'd go down, with Ziva (her first long trip in the 5 ton) and see what we could do. 

Put the chicks out into their run, uncovered the garden, put on my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, cinched it up extra tight, hauled Ziva into the truck, crossed my arms tightly over said boulder-holder and we were off.

I seriously forgot how hard the ride is for the passengers in the truck.  Ziva couldn't figure out how to get comfortable.  I guess her only trip in it around the property didn't prepare her for it, either.  She tried sitting on the floor, on the seat, on me, on Steve, looking out the back.  Then, tried laying on the floor, on the seat, on me, on Steve. 

Here she's starting to look car sick.  Poor baby.  The 35 mile trip down the Rim took an hour and she wasn't happy after the first few miles.  She was so excited to get out when we arrived and checked out the house.  Ended up just turning the gas, and heater, off until someone can be summoned to check it out.  Ziva drank a bowl of water and seemed OK.  However, she didn't want to get back into the truck.

Poor thing just laid down and stared the whole trip home.  Suffice it to say, I don't believe she'll want another 5 ton ride soon, if ever.

Looking out the window from the back door once home, we noticed Fifi, the neighbors cat, sitting outside the chicken coop/run.  Let Ziva out and she took off after her.  Ziva seemed to perk up quite a bit after that.

Maybe she'll forgive us for the horrendous trip she endured?

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