Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy days are here, again....

Today, the weather has become, somewhat, friendly.  It was still 37 degrees in the morning, but the day warmed nicely to 68.  Finally, I was able to get outside and check on the garden.  It's still windy, which I don't ever remember going on this long.

We are taking the chickens out each morning where they can run and play for the day.  We tried leaving them in the coop over night, but I went out at 10:30 PM and it was too cold for me.  They got bundled inside.  Their coop is just about done, now.  The outside run has a dust-bathing station and straw, where they dig and fly, to their heart's content.  They love it.  I really can't wait until they are out of our bathroom.

My pole beans are coming up, which is unreasonably exciting.  It's been so cold that I was wondering what else would start having problems.  Here you can see all the greens coming up around them.  Not sure what they are, but I give them to the chickens.  It is expected, as the straw bale "Bible" said the straw might sprout, but it's looking a little "messy" and is making it harder to see the real crops I planted. 

The strawberries are looking really great.  New leaves almost every day.  Flowers on a few.  At least they are seeming to love this weather.

Looks like the rest of the regular garden might need another week to see what the temps will be like.  I'm chomping at the bit to get the raised beds planted, but can't make it warmer on my own.  Mother Nature, please start your engines!!   It's May tomorrow.  This is ridiculous.

There.... 'nuff said.     Probably'll be struck by lightning next time I'm out.....

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