Friday, April 18, 2014

My love/hate relationship.....

... with the computer. 

I'm finally back online after weeks without a working computer.  It's been the LONGEST weeks of my life, and I think I've finally driven Steve 'round-the-bend.  

Spent the day getting everything re-installed onto the laptop, especially the anti-virus software.  Too many things out there trying to ruin the computer.  Then, emptied a mountain of emails.  Then, went through a gazillion Facebook posts.

Still, I never thought I'd lose it like I did.  I guess I do love my computer.... not as much as Steve, but pretty close.  It is almost impossible to explain how much I wanted to know what the family was doing and not being able to get my "fix" from Facebook and email.  Yikes!  Maybe some therapy?

Not many places to drop off a computer for work here in the mountains.  Then, when you find a place others recommend, you get in line.  A LONG line.  Now I wish I'd learned how to work on them myself, write code and generally have more than a passing knowledge of them.  Steve might still be sane and all might be well with the world.

Anyway, now that I'm back, I'll get to filling you in on the homestead and it's changes. 

Now, I'm heading for some serious time with a Long Island iced tea.  See you tomorrow.

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