Monday, April 28, 2014

Stuck inside on account of snow... HATE snow this time of year...

Well, we've been through all sorts of weather in the last 2 days.  These darned storms that keep coming from the Pacific Northwest are killers.  For the garden, I mean.
2 days ago, the winds came, the snow came, the heartburn came.... but, we survived and so did much of the garden.  The strawberries really seemed to like the weather, as when I uncovered them, they had flowers and a couple baby strawberries already going.  The broccoli and yellow crook-neck squash seemed to be ok with the snow and cold, too. 
The peppers and zucchini did not!  Luckily, I'd already started new seed for both. 

SO, what do you do when you're stuck inside and away from the garden?  Well, you make seed sheets.  OK, what are seed sheets?

Taa daa!  Seed sheets to the right.  I got this idea from the straw bale book.  What a concept.  It was a duh! moment for me.  Last year, I'm trying to get seeds into the garden and every stupid breeze blew them from my hand.  AND, trying to even see the little buggers made my head hurt.  Now, this isn't needed for large seeds like zucchini.  But, for those carrot and lettuce seeds......

So, this was a great suggestion that made soooo much sense.  Mix a little flour and water into a runny paste.  Take cheap, thin, 1 ply paper towels.  Line up your seed packets.  Get a pair of tweezers.  Turn on the TV and have at it making planting sheets.

I watched a great movie and glued seeds to paper.  Used a shot glass and teaspoon.  Mixed flour and water.  Dipped the handle of the spoon in the "glue" and dropped small dots at the correct seed spacing required for each type.  Used tweezers to drop each seed into the glue.  Set the sheets aside to dry.  Labeled them with the seed and the planting depth.  Stacked them up to take out when planting time has finally arrived.

Now, when it's warmer, I'll head out and place those paper babies seed side down, cover them with the correct amount of soil and water them.  If this works I'll have found a sure way to sanity at planting time. 

Yesterday, it got a little warmer, so I put three of the seed sheets on the zucchini/squash bale to see how they'll do.  Radishes, green onions and chives.  All 3 should come up before the squash plants shade them out.  Since the bale is warmer than the raised bed soil, we'll see if they benefit from this early start.  Put down soil, compacted it.  Put down the sheet and put sterile soil over them to the correct depth.  Watered.  Now..... waiting begins.

The coop is almost completely surrounded with rabbit fencing so I'm going out to lay down some straw and Steve is making a dust-bathing station for the girls.

Pics later.....

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