Sunday, April 6, 2014

The "Fashionista" has arrived...

Thought I'd finally figured out the "mud" thing and here are my newest purchases...

Men's boots, 'cause I'm NOT paying $45.00 for cute, flower-covered women's.  They don't fit real well but they keep me cleaner and I don't have to scrape mud off my sneakers.  Another problem has established itself.  I'm still getting my pants soaked while trying to flood the straw bales.  Water is shooting everywhere.  Steve suggested fishing waders, but I'm thinking NO!

The water is going into the bales a little easier each day.  Maybe soon I won't get as wet.

Now, the straw bale garden "Bible" says to use warm water while doing this bale wetting/conditioning.  It will keep the microbes working better, whereas cold will slow the process.  Our mountain water from the faucet is really cold.  After a few minutes of forcing the water into the bales I can barely feel my hands.  What to do!?

This is the water barrel (actually a pickle barrel) that we picked up for the greenhouse.  I'll keep it filled for watering so the new greenhouse seedlings won't be shocked with cold water (Steve is making a stand so gravity will help the water flow). 

But, until the greenhouse is ready, I decided to put the barrel out by the bales and filled it with water.  Hopefully, the sun will warm it.  Only problem I see is that there won't be any real force behind the water as I try to force it into the bales. 
Maybe when they soften more it'll work?

Tomorrow, we will find out.  Until then... Taa Taa!

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