Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weather fairies....

I'm officially tired of this weather.  The wind has been just terrible for 3 days, now.  The howling is tremendous, and that's just me.  The wind is worse.

Things banged on the house all night.  Heavens knows what the wind was throwing all around, but it doesn't seemed to have broken anything.  We are always worried with winds like this as the fire danger really goes up now.

Since I'm stuck inside I decided to enlarge the brooder for our ever larger chicks.  They constantly fill their water with droppings and shavings, so I thought I'd make the smaller box their feeding station.  Later, Steve put an upside-down dessert plate under the water to raise it and it's worked out great.  Reduced the size of the light bulb in the light to slowly bring the temp down, too.  Four girls are nicely feathering and the runt is slowly catching up. 

While getting a nice, hot dinner ready, looked outside and snow was coming down. 

The weather fairies are still against me, I see.....

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