Sunday, May 18, 2014

A storm a-comin....

So, daily I check my 2 phone apps for the weather conditions expected up here.  I figured 2 forecasts might give me a close approximation of the weather to come.   I have noticed that, even though I set them for our town, the lows they forecast are always colder here than what they show.  I've been allowing for this for ages.

Anyway, we are getting a cold front in the next few days, which up here means WINDY. With this knowledge in hand (or mind) we are making a push on the greenhouse.  

A lot of work means a hearty breakfast.  I made biscuits and sausage gravy, which I'm finding I LOVE after not caring much for it before.  Steve orders it at restaurants all the time, but I'd try it and think it bland.  Not anymore.  My favorite show on the food channel is The Pioneer Woman (see link).  She explained her way of making the dish.  First of all, I was always afraid of making the roux.  She talked me though it.  She also explained how to season it so I'd love it.  And, I do!  Steve also loves to watch her with me because he loves her looks.  Red heads are his specialty.  Hence, the reason he married me.  Thank you, Ree. 

So, with full tummies we headed out.

We used for our greenhouse after I'd done much research.  We've had to wait a few days for some parts to arrive from the seller, so we've worked on other things for a while.  The greenhouse seller was a pleasure to work with.  Tammy there sent the parts ASAP and right to our post office box.  Thank you, Tammy.

After getting the windows into the roof, we started getting the poly-carbonate panels up. Well, Steve did. I read the book for him and told him which pieces to get out next.  We work best that way.  Plus, I get to watch him climb ladders in shorts.  Ha!  Blush!

I'm getting excited that I'll soon be able to grow more items up here than I can outside. 
I find myself wondering how hot it'll get inside the greenhouse, too.  The garden thermometer is hitting 90 regularly now, so I'm hoping I can figure out how to regulate the summer heat inside it.  

Can't wait to get started!!

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