Friday, May 2, 2014

Cooking.... clothing. Not cooking clothing....

Ruminating on my pots... and pants...

Cooking.  I'm finding I love cooking with cast iron now that I've retired.  You need to be well rested to be strong enough to lift the darned things, so retired give you that special edge.  Ha!

Seriously, I know many people grew up having their food cooked in cast iron, especially the hearty farmers and ranchers my stock came from.  I never thought that much about what I cooked in, usually just wanted pans that "self cleaned" as much as possible.  I think I jumped for joy when non-stick coatings were invented.  Probably wept a little, too.

Now, I've read several articles about those non-stick coatings and their bad effect on the body.  The non-stick coatings fall apart and the chemical gets mixed into your food and nobody knows what the effect will be after a few years.  I've also read about aluminum and it's possible link to Alzheimer's disease.  I guess the brains of Alzheimer's patients have excess aluminum in them and it is possibly the cause of the jump in Alzheimer's numbers.

So, using cooking utensils with those coatings or aluminum isn't what I want at this stage of my life.  If it's not cast iron, it's stainless steel or ceramic.  

Yes, it's an older picture from the blog, but it shows my new devotion to cast iron.  Cast iron grill and skillet. They make the tastiest fajitas, all crusty and charred.  Mmmm!  And, most other foods seem to be tastier. And, they clean very easily when they are seasoned correctly. Had to learn to do that and it was easy.   I bet the iron is also something our bodies need as we age?

Now... on to clothing.  Since I spend an inordinate amount of time in the garden, I find I'm also destroying an inordinate amount of my pants.  They get snagged, torn and generally destroyed by the sharp surfaces out there.  My newest culprits are the coop, run and Ziva.  

So, I now devote only 2 pairs of pants, at a time, to the garden.  I don't get as mad when I get a rip, or run.  They are MEANT to be destroyed.  And, I really wear them out before finally rag-bagging them.  Case in point...

the latest pair of pants to go into the rag bag.  I think I got my money's worth, huh?  
I wore them until they were indecent.  Truth be told, I'm a little happy I get to buy another pair of new pants and move a pair of older pants to "garden pants" status. 

Now, to discretely remove a pair of Steve's army pants, which he wears for everything and which are ripping in several places.  Not quite as indecent, but getting there.

We are finally back to working on the greenhouse, as winds have finally calmed and we can safely start erecting it.  

Now, if the instructions would get easier to understand...

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