Monday, May 5, 2014

I know, I'm sorry, but you see.....

Well, yesterday I had intentions of getting my blog out there.  Honestly, I did.  I worked really  hard on getting it together.   Then.....I fell asleep.

See, we worked really hard on the garden.  Steve helped get more done on the greenhouse and he...

reconfigured the whole compost area.  It is super, now.  Ziva had pretty-much destroyed the area, making it hard to put anything there.  Now, I have two huge bins, one for dry carbon and one for mixing it with green items from the house.

And the whole time we worked, I had Thanksgiving dinner going in the roaster. 
Yes, I know it's not Thanksgiving.  But, you see, I'd bought 2 turkeys when they were on sale and yesterday was the day to cook and save all that meat.

When dinner came, it was just falling apart tender.  I got a huge amount of just white meat. Not to mention the great dark meat.  The bird was 19 pounds and I felt I got even more than 19 pounds of meat.  I barely had to pull the meat off the bones, which is why I love my mom's suggestion about using a roaster.

So, made mashed potatoes, gravy, corn casserole (I can just hear family salivating over the corn casserole), stuffing, etc.  We ate until we were really full, remembering why we love Thanksgiving. 

Then, the L-tryptophan and serotonin took over.  Which is why I fell asleep early and didn't get the blog done, even with all my good intentions.  


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