Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm tired of waiting... so....

Yes, I know the weather is still bad around here, and yes, I know that it's still freezing temps at night, but ....

                     IT'S ALMOST THE MIDDLE OF MAY.......STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!!

OK, I've gotten that off my chest.  Sorry to blow up, but I'm done waiting.  So, the little tomato plants I've been babysitting, FOREVER, are going out into the cold, cruel world and they are getting themselves planted... TODAY!!

Magnesium, cutworm collar, cage, garlic cloves, black plastic heat collector. 
Yup, they are set. 

Now, I'll still need to cover them for a few more days only, I hope.  Every night I pray for warmer nights and I hope to be on the receiving end of those prayers soon.  I just couldn't watch them die a little every day as they were held back from planting. 

The radishes on the straw bale are up and looking good.  Steve will be so happy.  He's the radish eater in this family.  I usually can't stand them, but I'm trying a milder, sweeter radish, so I may change my mind.  Anything grown at home must be better than that sold in the stores, right??!!

The little crook-necked squash may not have made it.  It was just a little too cold last night and it looked sad this morning.     If I could babysit it, I would... OK, I wouldn't.  When it's that cold outside, I hide inside.  I pushed a couple more seeds into the bale and we'll see where that leads.

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